About Us

Echtzeit  [ noun, 🔈 ˈɛçtʦait ] - real time, realtime

Our vision is to enable simple and intuitive access to complex facts and technical systems - the use of state-of-the-art technology for visual and interactive communication in realtime describes our mission.

Based on our strong desire to explore the unknown and create new things, we work on products that aim to optimize processes and lead to sustainable changes.

In the application of our technologies, the human is centered in the design philosophy during project conception and implementation. We regard reliability and precision as fundamental tools for the successful implementation.

These intentions led to the foundation of Echtzeit Ltd. liab. Co. Due to the profound previous knowledge of the three managing directors in the areas of project planning and management, high-end graphic production for Next-Gen video games and educational administration in the area of interactive media and programming, we stand for the interdisciplinary consolidation of the required skills.

We offer direct and close cooperation with our customers for the target-oriented application of the mentioned fundamentals and claim the highest demands regarding quality and cost-effectiveness of our solutions.

We believe in using current and future technological potential in order to simplify access for people to an increasingly complex world and to strengthen the handling of this world in realtime.


Patrick Möchel
CEO & Art Management
As a passionate video game developer, he contributed to the international number one titles Crysis 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He loves the daily challenge of merging virtual worlds with real ones. Production techniques from Playstation and Xbox are his hobby.

Thomas Ott
The numerous possibilities and challenges of virtual and augmented reality have always fascinated him personally and also as an instructor. He loves to be able to enjoy the fascination of the playful combination of interactive and visual presentation through programming on a daily basis.

Rajan Wegmann
CEO & Customer Relations
Guided by many years of experience in architecture and visualization, he is fascinated by the innovative and forward-looking VR and AR technologies every day anew. His passion is the efficient implementation of complex ideas in sustainable projects; successful and happy customers are his motivation!